Emergency Health Risk Consultation at WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) drafted a Health Emergency Risk Management Framework (HERMF) that illustrates guiding principles of emergency risk management for its member states. CCOUC director, Prof. Emily Chan, was invited to participate in the “Consultation on the Health Emergency Risk Management Framework and Improving Public Health Preparedness” (HERMF) organized by WHO in Geneva.

The three-day consultation was held from 21 to 23 November 2012, and attended by a range of experts from health and non-health sectors to review and discuss the purpose, content, and implementation of the HERMF. The consultation identified key components to be incorporated into an internet-based information and support system (an One-stop shop toolkit) for member states to strengthen emergency risk management capacities and competencies.

The consultation adjourned on Friday November 23rd, where participants reached a consensus on the essential components in emergency risk management and the scope of performance measures appropriate to assess risk management progress in member states. Moreover, the meeting clarified the roles and responsibilities of the range of stakeholders in the implementation of HERMF, and prioritized key elements to be incorporated into the internet-based toolkit for emergency risk management.

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CCOUC 所长参与 世卫「紧急健康风险管理框架咨询会议」

CCOUC 灾害与人道救援研究所所长陈英凝教授获邀出席世卫「紧急健康风险管理框架及改善公共卫生事件应对的咨询会议」,就世卫拟定的紧急健康风险管理框架(「框架」)草案提供专业意见,为成员国提供紧急风险管理指引。

为期三日的咨询会于二零一二年十一月二十一日(星期三)在日内瓦顺利展開。来自医学界和其他界别的专家就「框架」的目的、内容和执行进行商讨。是次咨询会确立了应加入到网上系统及支援系统(一站式资讯站) 的重要资讯,让成员国可更容易而有效地管理紧急风险。

咨询会于十一月二十三日(星期五) 完满结束,出席的专家就紧急风险管理的重要部分及评估成员国工作进度的指标达成共识。会议明确指出各参与实行「框架」持分者的角色和责任,同时决定网上版工具指南应该涵蓋哪些方面的紧急风险管理资讯。

世界卫生组织》活动》紧急健康风险管理框架咨询会议 (英语)

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