CUHK 50th Anniversary: Public lecture on evidence-based public health projects in China

20130419 CUHK 50 Anniversary PUblic Lecture

20130419 CUHK50 Prof. Emily Chan On the occasion of CCOUC’s 2nd anniversary, Professor Emily Chan, director of CCOUC, was invited to deliver a keynote public lecture on “Evidence-based health & medical intervention: How do we do our work in rural ethnic minority communities in China” as  part of the “CUHK 50th Anniversary Fair Public Lecture Series” on April 19, 2013. 

During the lecture, Prof. Emily Chan shared her experiences in promoting disaster preparedness for ethnic minorities in Gansu, Sichuan, Hainan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces with over 200 public audience at the Hong Kong Central Library.  Prof. Chan also took the opportunity to share the second phase of The Ethnic Minority Health Project at CCOUC, which will put a greater emphasis on the transfer of knowledge gained from academic endeavors to the various frontline agencies that serve the neglected communities at risk of disasters in the Asia Pacific region. 

[Updated on 26-April-2013]