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Globally, Asia-Pacific region is known to have the highest density of natural disasters and population living in absolute poverty. Disaster relief capacity and health outcome progress is hindered by a significant knowledge gap in evidence-based public health technical know-how. Established in 2009 by SPHPC, the CCOUC NGO Fellow programme is a community knowledge transfer initiative which intends to empower mid-career frontline workers to assess, analyze, develop, implement and evaluate emergency and medical assistance in the context of disasters and humanitarian crisis. It also aims to enhance CUHK student community’s access and understanding of activities, contexts and challenges of the non-government organizations (NGO). For the past 3 years, more than 45 frontline practitioners from 13 different international NGOs had successfully completed the programme.


The aim of the Regional Fellowship is to:

  • Enhance NGO’s capacity to provide evidence-based emergency assistance;
  • Develop a frontline experience sharing platform between CUHK students and community partners in health and development issues in resource deficit settings;
  • Establish CUHK as the international training and research leader of non-governmental health and humanitarian responses; and
  • Foster cooperation among practitioners, academics and students.


Participants will be required to attend at least one course offered during the 2013 Summer Sessions of SPHPC, CUHK, which include:

  • Disaster and Humanitarian Crisis (3-day)
  • Disaster Risk Management for Health (3-day)
  • Climate Change and Health (2-day)

Other Fellowship program requirements include public seminars and in-house tutorial participation throughout the training period.


Major trainings will take place in July 2013. Seminars and tutorials are organized throughout the year.

Target Applicants:

15-20 NGO frontline workers from Hong Kong/Asia.


Interested applicant can fill in the application form and submit it to together with supporting documents and endorsement letter from his/her organisation. (Download application form)


To be announced.


Partial or full scholarship will be provided to eligible applicants by the CUHK International Summer School Programme.


Visit the SPHPC Summer Institute homepage for details about the short courses.

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