Vision & Mission 愿景与使命

Our vision:愿景

The adverse human health impact of disaster and humanitarian crisis is minimised.

Our mission:使命

To strengthen the capacity of regional and national stakeholders in disaster preparedness and response through engaging evidence-based research, education, and knowledge transfer.

Our goal:目标

To be the top research and academic training centre of Asia Pacific region for disaster and medical humanitarian responses. To achieve that, CCOUC aims to:

  • Serve as a platform between researchers, students and frontline practitioners for technical exchange, guidelines and protocol development, and identification of research direction to facilitate medical humanitarian assistance in disaster and complex emergencies.
  • Engage in research and documentation of experiences of medical and health responses for disaster cases and policies.
  • Provide academic training to improve technical capacity of researchers and practitioners in disaster and medical humanitarian response.
  • Support evidence-based medical humanitarian actions and policy formulation.



  • 积极发挥平台作用,凝聚研究员、学生及前线工作者,推动技术交流、指引与政策发展。同时探索研究方向,促进灾难与紧急危机的医学人道救援工作
  • 研究与记录灾害中的医疗卫生救援工作,以及编写相关个案与政策;
  • 为前线工作者与从事灾害与医学人道救援研究的学者提供学术培训,以提升他们的专业技能水平;以及
  • 支持循证的医疗人道救援行动及政策规划。