Our Team 我们的团队


The CCOUC team is composed of experts from diverse backgrounds including public health, emergency medicine, midwifery, epidemiology, surgery, clinical psychology, anthropology, sociology, radiology, and nutritional sciences. Using English and Chinese as our working languages, we execute CCOUC’s mission collaboratively. We are actively expanding, and can offer talented people unparalleled opportunities to employ their skills in this critical area.

CCOU 灾害与人道救援研究所的成员来自不同专业, 包括公共卫生学、急诊医学、产科学、流行病学、外科学、临床心理学、人类学、社会学、放射科学、营养科学等。我们以中文和英文作为工作语言,携手履行本研究所的使命。我们的团队正在不断扩大中,能为专业人才发挥自己的技术和才干提供无可比拟的机遇和条件。