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Academic Publications 2009-2013:

Associations between mortality and meteorological and pollutant variables during the cool season in two Asian cities with sub-tropical climates: Hong Kong and Taipei. [link]
EYY.Chan, WB.Goggins, CY.Yang, M.Chong
Environmental Health. Jul 2013. 12(59); doi:10.1186/1476-069x-12-59

Disease pattern and chronic illness in rural China: The Hong Kong Red Cross basic health clinic after 2008 Sichuan earthquake
Emergency Medicine Australasia 2013; doi:10.1111/1742-6723.12080

Weather, pollution and hospitalizations in a Chinese city: Hospital admissions as a function of temperature, other weather phenomena and pollution levels in an urban setting in China
EYY.Chan, WB.Goggins, JSK.Yue, PPY.Lee
Bulletin of the World Health Organization. 2013 May; Article ID: BLT.12.113035

Medical volunteers in commercial flight medical diversions
KKC.Hung, CA.Graham, EYY.Chan, RA.Cocks, WK.Poon, T.Rainer
Aviaion, Space, and Environmental Medicine. May 2013; Vol.84, No.5, pp 491-497. doi:10.3357/ASEM.3452.2013

Bottom-up disaster resilience. [link]
Nature Geoscience. May 2013; 6, pp 327–328

Emergency physicians’ preparedness for CBRNE incidents in Hong Kong
KKC.Hung, ECC.Lam, MCS.Wong, TW.Wong, EYY.Chan, CA.Graham
Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine. Mar 2013; Vol.20(2), pp 90-97

Epidemiology of injuries due to tropical cyclones in Hong Kong: a retrospective observational study.
KR Rotheray, P Aitken, TH Rainer, CA Graham
Injury 2012; 43, pp 2055-2059

Disaster training: lessons learnt from the 2008 Sichuan China earthquake
K.Hung, E.Y.Y.Chan, C.Graham
International Paramedics Practice 2012; 1(4), pp 133 – 140

Effectiveness of “Understanding Disasters” Training among health care professionals and students in China
C.L.Y.Lin, K.Hung, E.Y.Y.Chan, P.P.Y.Lee
Prehosp Disaster Med 2011; 26(Suppl.1):s132-s124 doi:10.1017/S1049023X11004316

Health seeking behavior post-unintentional household injury in Hong Kong
E.Y.Y. Chan, P.P.Y.Lee, J.M.S.Leung, J.H.Kim
Prehosp Disaster Med 2011; 26(Suppl.1):s134 doi:10.1017/S1049023X11004171

Comparative descriptive analysis of post disaster psychological interventions
E.Y.L.Cheung, E.Y.Y. Chan, S.H.Lee
Prehosp Disaster Med 2011; 26(Suppl.1):s139 doi:10.1017/S1049023X11004316

Clinical effectiveness of psychological first aid training among emergency responders in Chinese population: Preliminary results of 3-month follow up
E.Y.L.Cheung, E.Y.Y. Chan, C.L.Y.Lin, P.Y.Y.Lee
Prehosp Disaster Med 2011; 26(Suppl.1):s137-s138 doi:10.1017/S1049023X11004274

Disease pattern in a rural setting three weeks after the 2008 Sichuan, China earthquake-Hong Kong Red Cross Basic Health in Yanmen
K.Hung, E.Y.Y.Chan, E.Lam, T.Rainer, C.Graham
Prehosp Disaster Med 2011; 26(Suppl.1): s176 doi:10.1017/S1049023X11005437

Analysis of health risk perception and behavior changes during elevated temperatures for an urban Chinese population
E.Y.Y. Chan, J.H.Kim, P.Y.Y.Lee, C.L.Y.Lin
Prehosp Disaster Med 2011; 26(Suppl.1):s26 doi:10.1017/ S1049023X11000914

Preliminary results of post-flooding impacts on rural elderly in Hainan province, China
E.Y.Y. Chan, C.L.Y.Lin, P.P.Y.Lee, I.Zheng, E.Y.L. Cheung, S.C.Lam
Prehosp Disaster Med 2011; 26(Suppl.1):s41 doi:10.1017/ S1049023X11000361

Use of portable ultrasound in triage in field settings
H.Y.Yuen, E.Y.Y.Chan, A.T.Ahuja
Prehosp Disaster Med 2011; 26(Suppl.1) :s781doi:10.1017/S1049023X11000469

Post disaster mental health among ethnic minorities in rural China: results from qualitative studies
E.Y.L.Cheung, E.Y.Y.Chan, H.P.Lam, C.L.Y.Lin, P.P.Y.Lee
Prehosp Disaster Med 2011; 26(Suppl.1) :s88-s89 doi:10.1017/S1049023X11002792

Systematic literature review on pediatric sleep disturbance management post-disaster: implications of post-disaster pediatric clinical management in developing countries
E.Y.Y. Chan, S.D. Koo
Prehosp Disaster Med 2011; 26(Suppl.1):s38 doi:10.1017/ S1049023X11000269

A disaster education framework to bridge natural disaster medical response and primary care development in developing countries
E.Y.Y. Chan, S.Y. Wong, S.M. Griffiths, C.A. Graham
Prehosp Disaster Med 2011; 26(Suppl.1):s7 doi:10.1017/ S1049023X11000379

Related articles published before April 2011:

Help-Seeking behavior during elevated temperature in Chinese population
EYY Chan, WB Goggins, JJ Kim, SM Griffiths, T Ma
Journal of Urban Health 2011 July; pp 1-15

An epidemiology study of technical disasters in China: 1979-2005
EYY Chan, KKC Hung, Y Cai
European Journal of Emergency Medicine 2011 April;doi:10.1097/MEJ.0b013e3283421097

The epidemiology of mine accidents in China
EYY Chan, SM Griffiths
Lancet 2010; 376(9741), pp 575-577

Characteristics and health outcomes of internaly displaced population in unofficial rural self-settled camps after the 2005 Kashmir, Pakistan earthquake
EYY Chan, JJ Kim
European Journal of Emergency Medicine 2010; 17(3), pp 136-141

Chronic health needs immdiately after natural disasters in middle-income countries: The case of the 2008 Sichuan, China earthquake.
EYY Chan, JJ Kim
European Journal of Emergency Medicine 2010; 18(2), pp 111-114 doi:10.1097/MEJ.0b013e32833dba19

A study of intracity variation of temperature related mortality and socioeconomic status among Chinese population in Hong Kong
EYY Chan, WB Goggins, JJ Kim, SM Griffiths
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2010; doi:10.1136/jech.2008.085167

Predictors of diversions and deaths for inflight medical emergencies in commercial aviation
KKC Hung, EYY Chan, RA Cocks, RM Ong, TH Rainer, CA Graham
Arch of Internal Medicine 2010; 81(3), pp 1401-1402

Psychological distress among adolescents in Chengdu, Sichuan at 1 month after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake
JTF Lau, XN Yu, JX Zhang, WWS Mak, KC Choi, WWS Lui, EYY Chan
Journal of Urban Health 2010; 87(3), pp 504-523 doi:10.1007/s11524-010-9447-3

Post-traumatic growth and reduced suicidal ideation among adolescents at month 1 after the Sichuan earthquake
XN Yu, JT Lau, J Zhang, WW Mak, KC Choi, WW Lui, EYY Chan
Journal of Affective Disorder 2010; 123(1-3), pp 327-31

The implication of water on public health: The case of China.
EYY Chan, SM Griffiths
Perspectives in Public Health 2010; 130, pp 209-210 doi:10.1177/1757913910379187

Remote mobile health service utilization post 2005 Kashmir-Pakistan earthquake
EYY Chan, JJ Kim
European Journal of Emergency Medicine 2009; 17(3), pp 158-163

Why are older people health needs forgotten post-natural disaster relief in developing countries? A healthcare provider survey of 2005 Kashmir, Pakistan earthquake.
EYY Chan
American Journal of Disaster Medicine 2009; 4(2), pp 107-112

Literature review of health impact post-earthquakes in China 1906-2007
EYY Chan, Y Gao, SM Griffiths
Journal of Public Health 2009; 32(1), pp 52-61 doi:10.1093/pubmed/fdp078.2009.08.04

The public health risk of melamine in milk products
EYY Chan, SM Griffiths, CW Chan
Lancet 2008; 372(9648), pp 1444-1445

Comparison of health needs of older people between affected rural and urban areas after the 2005 Kashmir Pakistan earthquake
EYY Chan, SM Griffiths
Prehospital and Disaster Medicine 2008; 24(5), pp 365-371

The untold stories of Sichuan earthquake
EYY Chan
Lancet 2008; 372(9636), pp 359-362

Doctors in natural disaster relief setting
EYY Chan
The Hong Kong Practitioners 2008; 30(3), pp 152-153

Natural disaster medical intervention: Missed opportunity to deal with chronic medical needs? An analytical framework
EYY Chan, E Sondorp
Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health 2007; Special Issue 19, pp 45-51

Evidence-based public health practices: Challenges for health needs assessments in disasters
EYY Chan
Hong Kong Medical Journal 2006; 12, pp 324-326

CCOUC Disaster Technical Case Report Series

Disaster Case Study Series Technical Report 1: The 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, China
KKC Hung, EYY Chan

Disaster Case Study Series Technical Report 2: Earthquakes in Nepal, the 2011 Sikkim Earthquake.
EYY Chan, KKC Hung, KSD Liu, JR Rodas

Disaster Case Study Series Technical Report 3: The 2009 Earthquake in West Sumatra, Indonesia.
EYY Chan, KKC Hung, CYS Choi, KSD Liu

Disaster Case Study Series Technical Report 4: Hainan Disaster Case Study: Flooding in October of 2010.
EYY Chan, KKC Hung, CYJ Zhu, PY Lee

Disaster Case Study Series Technical Report 5: The Worst Floods in Thailand in 50 years: Thailand Floods. 2011
EYY Chan, KKC Hung, CYS Choi, B Huang, PY Lee

Disaster Case Study Series Technical Report 6: Glacier Lake Outburst Flood in the Kingdom of Bhutan.
R Jamtsho, EYY Chan, KKC Hung

Disaster Case Study Series Technical Report 7: Clenbuterol Usage in Pork Industry in China.
EYY Chan, KKC Hung, CYJ Zhu

Disaster Case Study Series Technical Report 8: The Health Effects of Human Made Disasters: Internal Conflict in the Philippines.
EYY Chan, KKC Hung, JR Rodas