Current progress

"The Village Square", Ma'anqiao Village 5, Jinshajiang, Sichuan Province, CHINA

Since February 2009, the project team has visited a total of 12 villages across 9 provinces in China. As of November 2012, CCOUC has completed needs assessment, interventions, and evaluations in two villages; one along the Jinshajiang river in Sichuan, another in the high plateau of Yellow river. CCOUC is now actively working in five villages and is planning to visit two potential sites in early 2013.

Active sites:

Guangxi – Gaoyou Village and Nongtuan Village [view profile]
Sichuan – Hongyan Village
Gansu – Macha Village [view profile]
Gansu – Mayanhe Village

Completed sites:

Sichuan – Ma’an Village [view profile]
Gansu – Datan Village [view profile]

Assessed sites:

Yunnan – Baoshan Village
Hainan – Gongai Village and Yudao Village
Guizhou – Haozhi Village
Guangxi – Ao Village

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