Gansu – Datan Village

Photo by Poyi Lee

Village Profile

Province Gansu
Village Da Tan (大滩村)
Ethnic Minority Hui (回族)
Specific Proportion of minority 9:1 (90% of villagers are Hui)
Number of subgroups in the village 4 sub-villages; 1108 villagers in total
Number of households in the village 213 households
Poverty (below 2300RMB per capital per year) 62.7%

Datan village is located in the High Plateau of Yellow River. Although villagers at Datan have an average income of 1,140 RMB per person annually, which is below the UN poverty line of 2300RMB per person, they are not supported by any national poverty alleviation programs. The main source of subsistence at Datan is farming, and the population rely on the Malu river for water supply. There is a lack of education available, resulting in a high illiteracy rate especially among women.

In the summer, seasonal rainfall causes the Malu river to flood, which damages the largely clay-made houses, while landslides or mudslides are also a frequent occurrence. In the winter, temperature drops to sub-zero degree with heavy snowfalls. Moreover, Datan village lies within the seismic zone, making them prone to earthquake.

The project started in August 2010, and ended in November 2011. CCOUC visited Datan three times in total. Health education program related to disaster preparedness, waste management, environmental hygiene, non-communicable diseases, women’s health, musculoskeletal pain, and food safety were implemented. A total of 181 households (85.0% response rate of the village) participated in the education campaign.

Evaluation reveals that 76% of the participants able to identify appropriate evacuation practices, and an increase of 13% agreed that running to high ground is safer than moving down stream during flood. In case of food handling, villagers who agreed to reheat leftover food thoroughly before consumption increased by 15%. Total of 41 members from The Chinese University of Hong Kong contributed to this project.

Project Partner: WZQ Foundation