Gansu – Macha Village

Photo by Poyi Lee 2012

Village Profile

Province Gansu
Village Macha (马岔村)
Ethnic Minority No
Specific Proportion of minority All Han
Number of subgroups in the village 9 sub-villages; 880 villagers in total
Number of households in the village 489 households
Poverty (below 2300RMB per capital per year) 88.6%

Macha village is located in Gansu province. The village lies within an area area where water scarcity has led to major environmental degradation, internal migration.

This project started in August 2011, and is scheduled to completed in mid-2013. Health education programmes have been focusing on preparing for drought, prevention of non-communicable diseases and reducing environmental health risks. A total of 120 households (24.5% of response rate) participated in the education campaign. As of November 2012, 26 members of from The Chinese University of Hong Kong has contributed to this project.

Update:  A 3rd evaluation-based visit is scheduled in May 2013

Photo by Dorothy Lui 2012