Ten Village Project 农村项目

"The Village Square", Ma'anqiao Village 5, Jinshajiang, Sichuan Province, CHINA

Goals and objectives

The goal of The Ten Village Project is to mitigate the adverse human impact of natural disasters as well as to reduce behavior and environmental risks through evidence-based health education campaigns in ten remote, rural, disaster prone, extreme poverty affected communities in rural China. The aim is to develop a series of disaster preparedness model cases for future knowledge transfer.

Five main project objectives include:

  1. empowering extreme poverty communities in rural, remote setting to mitigate the adverse impact of natural disasters and human security health risk related to behavioral and environmental factors;
  2. engage in knowledge transfer of technical “know how” from academic settings to field practices for disaster preparedness in remote communities;
  3. build human resources to work in rural remote communities through offering practice and training, iv) document experiences and lessons learnt; and
  4. increase global awareness in issues related to disasters impact and preparedness in remote communities in developing countries.

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