Guangxi – Gaoyou & Nongtuan Village

Photo by Peter Chan 2012

Village Profile

Province Guangxi
Village 1.Gaoyou (高友村); 2.Nongtuan (弄团村)
Ethnic Minority Dong(侗族)
Specific Proportion of minority 100%
Number of subgroups in the village Gaoyou: 10-sub-villages; 1890 villagers
Nongtuan: 5 sub-villages; 898 villagers
Number of households in the village 1.472 househould; 2. 202 househould
Poverty (below 2300RMB per capital per year) 54%

Guangxi Gaoyou and Nongtuan villages are located along the border of Guangxi, Guizhou and Hunan province. Annual income in Gaoyou Village is 1300 RMB per person. Alike other villages in China, most of people at working age went out elsewhere as immigrant worker in coastline province such as Guangdong and Fujian, whereas children and elderly were left remained in the village. For Dong Minority Group, they are most scattered in Guizhou, Guangxi and Hubei. According to the fifth national census in 2000, the total population of Dong Minority reaches 2960293 in China. The Dong minority mostly speaks Dong Dialect but Mandarin is now much prevalent among the population as Mandarin is taught to the younger generation and also because of the trend of migration workers working in urban cities. The Dong minority has their unique clothes as shown in Picture 1 though more and more people are wearing casual jeans and T-shirts for convenience. They mostly still live in the traditional wooden house as shown in Picture 2. The house structure is mainly consisted of two parts. The upper part is for living and the lower part is for livestock and feeds storage.