Gansu – Dangzheng Village

Province Gansu
Name of Village Dangzheng (党政村)
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Population 800
Number of Households 300

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of CUHK, volunteers from CUHK, Peking University, Stanford University, University of Oxford and Xi’an Jiaotong University worked together to build a footbridge and conduct public health campaign for Dangzheng village in Gansu Province. Located in the southern part of Gansu Province, Dangzheng Village has 300 households and 800 villagers. Two trips were organized in December 2012 and March 2013 to assess the needs of the village.

In addition to the dire need for a firm bridge, the assessment team found that there were other public health concerns, such as waste management, in the village. In May 2013, postgraduate students from CUHK’s MPH and Oxford’s Master in Global Health programme led a campaign to raise health awareness in Dangzheng. Three interventions were planned and executed by the public health team and other student volunteers. Firstly, the team organized health intervention in the primary school on teeth brushing, hand washing and waste management, with the objective on enhancing students’ knowledge on the issues. Secondly, a health camp was set up on a market day to measure BMI, blood pressure and blood glucose level for villagers. Thirdly, using the Healthy Village as the framework, a waste management campaign had been implemented together with villagers to improve their knowledge and perception in waste disposal and categorization.