Sichuan – Ma’an Village

Ma’an Bridge Village of Xin’an Xiang is located in the origin of Yangtze River, at the southern tip of Sichuan Province. In 2008, an earthquake of 6.1 degree on the Richter-scale occured and caused massive damage to this village. Reconstruction of the Ma’an Bridge Village was supported by WuZhiQiao Charitable Foundation (WZQ), which is an academic-architectural organisation based in Hong Kong. Using the World Health Organization (WHO) Healthy Communities Planning Framework, a “Healthy Village” with a focus in sustainable development was proposed with WZQ as a key project partner.

The project was implemented between Mar 2009 to Mar 2011, requiring a total of three visits. Health education activities related to proper hand-washing skills and personal hygiene, anti-indoor smoking, and preparation for possible disasters in the future, awareness of NCDs, waste management and flooding preparedness among local residents were implemented. A total of 235 households (92.2% of response rate) participated on the day of the health education campaign. For disaster preparedness, impact evaluation reveals that there was a 20.5% increase of households that own a disaster-preparedness kit, while smokers who are willing to smoke outdoor to reduce the impact of second-hand smoke increased from 32.6% to 77.8%. A total of 46 members from the CUHK community participated in this project.

Project Partner: WZQ Foundation

Photo by Poyi Lee 2011

Village Profile

Province Sichuan
Village Name Ma’an Bridge (马鞍桥村)
Ethnic Minority Dai and Yi (傣族、彝族)
Specific Proportion of minority 85% ethnic minority
Number of subgroups in the village 7 sub-villages; 1258 villagers in total
Number of households in the village 255 households
Poverty (below 2300RMB per capital per year) 32.7%